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The highlight of this product lies in its exquisite floral vine engraving, creating a cluster of blooming flowers. With the addition of an antiqued finish, it exudes a sense of time-worn beauty, as if carrying the stories of generations on its oxidized black surface. The intertwining of fingers with this ring requires no excessive enthusiasm or showiness, but rather a quiet presence and a touch of cool distance. Its vintage and poised appearance adds to its charm.

Engraved Antique Ring

  • This product is a beautifully crafted silver bracelet with a weight of 4.8g. Its dimensions are 1.8cm2.3cm, and it features an adjustable inner diameter of 1.7cm1.7cm. Originating from the silver craftsmen village in Guizhou Province, it showcases exquisite artistry and offers a comfortable fit. Perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any outfit.

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