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This product is crafted with a plum blossom design. Plum blossoms bloom in the cold winter, symbolizing perseverance and extraordinary character. The main production process involves welding the fired silver beads with filled filigree, requiring meticulous craftsmanship to meet the requirements of the procedure. The filigree technique itself possesses high aesthetic value, allowing for the creation of exquisite patterns that provide a great visual pleasure.

Plum Blossom Filigree Bangle

  • This silver bangle, weighing 27.5g, features an inner diameter of 6.1cm*6.1cm. Crafted in the silver artisan village of Maliao, Guizhou Province, it embodies the skilled craftsmanship of the region. Experience the beauty and elegance of this exquisite piece, showcasing the rich heritage of Miao silver jewelry.

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