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This filigree set combines modern design features, embracing simplicity and the concept of ordered rectangles. It not only brings a visual impact through its design, but also showcases the aesthetic characteristics of filigree craftsmanship. The combination of these two elements seamlessly blends contemporary trends with the unique production techniques of filigree. Breaking away from traditional carved floral patterns, this set employs a modern approach with its orderly arrangement of rectangular shapes. It showcases the craftsmanship of ancient silver making techniques fused with modern design, resulting in a rustic yet sophisticated texture. This set is believed to dispel negative energy, bring good luck, and add a touch of dynamism to your life. With its exquisite design and comfortable simplicity, it is an ideal choice for everyday wear.

Rectangular Filigree Set

  • This collection showcases a variety of exquisite jewelry pieces. The bangle features a comfortable fit with a 6cm6cm inner diameter and a 2cm wide band. The adjustable ring boasts a versatile size of 1.8cm1.8cm, while the pendant captivates with its elegant 3.5cm*1.5cm dimensions. Crafted from 999 fine silver, each piece carries a distinctive weight, with the pendant weighing 5.3g, the ring 5.7g, and the bangle 30.6g. These meticulously crafted accessories epitomize timeless beauty and elegance.

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