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Ornamented with a combination of floral filigree and silver beads, but different styles evoke different feelings. A touch of elegance around the neck, all thanks to the intertwining and interlocking of silver floral filigree and silver beads, creating a dazzling radiance. Playful and lively in thought, as complexity intertwines with simplicity, exuding a captivating demeanor. The convergence of silver floral filigree and silver beads brings forth a romantic sensation in the earrings, while the circular design imparts a sense of composed stability and a touch of sophistication, enhancing a self-perception of fashionable elegance.

Round Floral Filigree Earrings

  • Crafted from 999 sterling silver in Ma Liao Silver Artisan Village, Guizhou Province, this delicate piece weighs 4.9g and measures 1.6cm*1.6cm. Meticulously designed and handcrafted, it embodies the rich heritage of Ma Liao's silver craftsmanship. A stunning and authentic addition to your collection

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