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A meticulously crafted, glossy and intricately carved silver bangle, adorned with entwined floral vines, longing to grace my wrist. In ancient times, it was believed that all things possessed spirits, and with the blooming of flowers, beauty would follow. Hence, each flower was endowed with different auspicious meanings. Comparing women to flowers has become the most gentle, poetic, and melodious form of Chinese praise.

Summer Blooms Bangle

  • This 999 fine silver bangle weighs 30g and features an inner diameter of 6cm*6cm. Handcrafted in the silver artisan village of Maliao, Guizhou Province, it embodies exquisite craftsmanship and the purity of 999 silver. Adorn your wrist with this stunning piece, showcasing the rich heritage of Miao silver jewelry.

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