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Living life in simplicity, jewelry becomes a companion. With grace and beauty, I present you a beautiful sunflower, wishing you eternal sunshine and good fortune, embracing love and beauty. In the vibrant spring, I am in Maliao Village, Leishan County, Qiandongnan Prefecture, a historic village of silver craftsmanship. Each morning, the delightful sound of silver crafting sets the tone for a busy yet fulfilling day. Here, we can witness this silver jewelry set, crafted with pure silver and adorned with a silver-toned texture. The intricate design series exudes a delicate sense that allows the wearer to feel as fresh and clean as a sunflower earring on a summer day.

Sunflower Set

  • Introducing a stunning silver jewelry collection featuring exquisite craftsmanship. The bangle boasts a size of 6cm6cm with a 1.3cm wide surface, while the bracelet measures 19cm in length, adorned with a charming 1.7cm1.5cm floral motif. The ring, with a 2cm2cm adjustable opening, showcases the same captivating floral design. Completing the set is a pair of elegant earrings measuring 1cm3.2cm. Crafted from 999 sterling silver, the bangle weighs 60g, the bracelet 4.2g, the earrings 3.4g, and the ring 4.1g. Elevate your style with this exquisite collection of pure silver jewelry.

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