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The symbolism behind the twisted knot bangle revolves around happiness, prosperity, elegance, and fulfillment. The design concept of the bangle often revolves around auspiciousness, love, and blessings. By wearing it, people believe they can attract good fortune, safety, eternal happiness, wealth, success, and a bright future. The rich and vibrant Chinese culture adds depth and color to this symbolic piece. Moreover, if the bangle exhibits a warm hue, it represents benevolent beliefs; its solid texture symbolizes resilience, while its smooth and shiny appearance signifies a harmonious and fulfilling attitude in life.

Twisted Knot Bangle

  • Handcrafted from pure silver in Ma Liao Silver Artisan Village, Guizhou Province, this bangle showcases exquisite craftsmanship. With a weight of 26.2g and a fixed internal diameter of 6cm*6cm, it combines traditional techniques with contemporary design. Its origin guarantees authenticity and quality. A timeless accessory that reflects the heritage of Ma Liao and adds elegance to any outfit.

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